Through the distribution of the Made in Italy specialities, we aim to celebrate the marriage between the local global cultures and the Italian territorial excellences.

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Research, passion, evolution

The best ingredients and specialties of Italian culinary art for restaurants, Deli’s and bakeries all over the world.
This way we promote the regional characteristics of our country, paying attention to all the stages of the production chain.
We carefully select our suppliers and we propose ourselves to our customers with the aim of bringing Italianity out of our country, aware that a pinch of Italy goes well with the cuisines of the whole world.

Our Products



A hug inside a glass, this is good wine for us.

Small producers, low yields, high quality.
With an eye to the regional autochthonous vines.
Red Wines, White Wines, Rosè Wines, Sparkling Wines and Fortified Wines.

Craft Beers


Beer has very distant origins.
The Italian word Birra comes from the German Bier and, although in the collective imagination very often this drink is associated with Germany and other countries of northern Europe, in recent years also Italy has bottled craft beers of absolute value.
Discover them with us!



Legend has it that Panettone was born by mistake, from the intuition of Toni, an humble kitchen steward of the Sforza’s, a noble Milanese family. On Christmas Eve, the chef burns the official dessert by mistake, so Toni, with the leftovers of the dough, proposes to the diners the Pan de Toni, which has become a symbol of Tradition today.

Craftsmanship, high digestibility, zero preservatives.
3 days of processing from the first mixture until cooked.
12 hours of further rest to enhance taste and aromas.
These are the secrets of our Panettone, from legend!



Properly speaking, the word pastry should indicate confectionery art in general and its products. However, we prefer to understand with it what in France it is customary to call pâtisserie légère, that is, those sweets and pastries for all occasions, and the art of making them.

Leaveneds, Friables, Puff Pastries.
We select only the best for you!

Sauces & Preserves

/'sugo/ - /konfetˈtura/

Selected raw materials and precious natural ingredients.

Our sauces, genuine and without preservatives, are recognized for their unique flavor and unquestionable quality.

Fresh seasonal fruit, all to spread. Not simple jams, but real pleasures for the palate.



"Life is a combination of pasta and magic".

For this, we select only the best.
Slow processes, low temperatures, 100% Italian chain.
Less returns and long waits.
This is the only way we know to guarantee you a highly digestible pasta and enhance the taste of wheat.

We do not select simple producers, but rather, artisans pasta makers.



It is said that excellent cheese is nothing more than the rush of milk to immortality.

In our selections you will find the genuineness and freshness of the raw material, certified supply chain and artisan tradition.

Fresh or seasoned, to be enjoyed alone or combined with our jams or a good glass of wine.



White Asparagus DOP from Bassano del Grappa
Black Truffle
Culatello di Zibello DOP
Cherries of Marostica PGI
Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP
And so on..

Lots of regional specialties that do not need any introduction.
Rare, precious excellences with an unmistakable taste.
When food becomes art.


The best of Italian regional food and wine, just a click away, and delivered directly to your home.

From today, our specialties will be available to everyone, discover the excellence that we have reserved for you!

Why Borsato?


Through an organized and widespread distribution system, we deliver in a short time throughout Europe.


We work with passion and attention, to always guarantee the highest quality of our selections.


The company context, young, dynamic and smart, fits perfectly in a food sector, ours, too often anchored to tradition.


We are always looking for new proposals and combinations, and it makes us happy to suggest you ad hoc solutions for your menu or your events.

"Maybe it does not matter the facts or the words of the people, maybe what really matters is the taste".
Let our products convince you and your customers.
Contact us for a tasting!

From Local to Glocal

Think globally, act locally.
Not just Italian restaurants, therefore.

We always experiment new proposals and combinations to reach the cuisines of the whole world, without ever losing sight of our tradition.

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"The discovery of a new dish is more precious to mankind than the discovery of a new star."
For this reason we are always looking for new raw materials, proposals, ideas that we can fall in love with. If you also have an idea that you think can make us fall in love, or just have something to say, contact us, we will be happy to hear from you!

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